Street parish meeting set to discuss social housing developments and Greenbank Pool plans

  Posted: 16.11.20 at 09:42 by Tim Lethaby

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Street Parish Council will be holding its monthly meeting tomorrow (November 17) virtually, where proposed social housing developments in the village and the future plans for Greenbank Pool will be discussed.

The council will be holding the meeting virtually via Zoom from 7pm. Topics that will be discussed include:

The community police update for the local area.

The proposed social housing developments at both Cranhill car park and Cemetery Lane next to the Portland park/estate area.

The proposed future outline plans for Greenbank Pool into 2021, including various other items on the agenda.

If you wish to speak on any of these matters, members of the public are welcome to express their views or ask any questions, with public question time starting at 6.55pm.

To join the meeting you must email the clerk at [email protected]

You need to request a Zoom link which will enable you to join the meeting and you must state for which matter you would like to speak on.

You will have three minutes to speak at public question time. You can alternatively if you wish, email your questions or comments to the clerk.

If you wish to view the meeting but do not wish to speak you can alternatively, watch the meeting live via the official Street Parish Youtube channel below, which can be found here.

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