Historic England apprentice who attends Strode College in Street joins national panel

  Posted: 17.05.20 at 15:00 by Tim Lethaby

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Amber Storey, employed as a business officer at Historic England in their Birmingham office, and a student on Strode College's higher apprenticeship programme in Street, has been invited to join the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education's national Apprentices Panel.

She was selected to help ensure the quality of UK apprenticeship provision and will be involved in helping to distribute and gather feedback from an online satisfaction survey for apprentices which was launched last week.

As one of 20 new members of this influential advisory body, covering all areas of industry and apprenticeships up to Level 7, Amber has received this accolade following a successful year of off-the-job training with colleagues from all over the country on this apprenticeship scheme delivered by Strode.

Adrian Ash, head of higher education at Strode College, said: "Amber has shown herself to be a truly committed apprentice over the past year and the group as a whole has worked fantastically together.

"At Strode, we feel that the co-operation with Historic England is a model for future apprenticeships and we're delighted that Amber will be representing the heritage sector on this national forum."

Many of the sector-specific learning experiences for this apprenticeship are based on Strode's higher education degree in history, heritage and archaeology, and both programmes are actively seeking interested applicants for this autumn.

Strode College apprentice Amber Storey

If you would like to find out more about these opportunities, or higher education courses and apprenticeships in general, you can visit: https://www.strode-college.ac.uk/courses/whats-right-for-you/university-higher-education-cour/university-level-programmes/.

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