Students from Strode College in Street raise hundreds in Charity Challenge

  Posted: 21.12.19 at 18:38 by Tim Lethaby

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Level 3 Extended Diploma Health and Social Care Students from Strode College in Street have raised more than £1,000 collectively for various charities related to their field of study, through a series of events held across the past couple of months.

The students, who are in their second year of their course, were asked to carry out a Charity Challenge as a team work exercise to feed into two units - Personal and Professional Development, and Vocational Experience of their BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care.

The challenge itself was to work as a team to pull off an event that involved raising money for a relevant health and social care charity, and then reflect on the learning experience in a written piece of work.

The Year 2 cohort of students were split into seven individual groups, each with their own chosen charity to raise money for and were given a set period across October and November to host their event. Altogether, they managed to collectively raise £1,440.

The students chose charities ranging from Women’s Aid, Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK, Brothers in Arms (a men’s mental health charity), the British Heart Foundation, the MS Society, Children in Need and Heaven’s Gate (a local animal sanctuary, as this relates to people’s wellbeing and is currently under threat of closure).

Events included sponsored walks, a Halloween party, cake sales, a charity band night and a bingo night.

Isabella Bishop and Mollie Cregan

Anita Johnson, their tutor and course manager for the Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care, said: “The events the students ran were amazing, showing maturity and their ability to work as a team, which is imperative when working in the caring environment.

"They raised a substantial amount of money between them which was absolutely fantastic. This task has been run a number of times over the last few years, but the students this year clearly enjoyed the activity and put their heart and soul into the task.

"I am incredibly proud of their achievements and they deserve recognition for their selfless commitment to the causes they raised money for.

"Many of the students are planning the next stage of their lives with applications underway to study adult nursing, midwifery, paramedic science, social work, psychology, teaching and other health related fields, apprenticeships and employment. They should be really proud of themselves.”

Jake Morton, Sophie Mackay, Courtney Howard and Wictoria Stepien held a Live Music night at the Royal British Legion in Street in aid of raising money for Brothers in Arms. 

Children in Need Cake Sale - Edie Wilkins, Liddy Neal, Emily Singleton and Yasmin Witcombe

In organising this event, Courtney had been in contact with local musicians via Facebook, after doing some initial market research into local talent and direct messaging these acts to see who would be interested in taking part.

In the end, the group managed to drum up six acts - one band and five solo artists - all of different genres, to perform on the night. 

The group said: “It was quite nice to see how helpful the public were in supporting us with this event, and everyone’s generosity on the night.

"We charged only £2 for entry, but lots of people who attended were prepared to, and did in fact pay more, which was really nice.” 

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