Staff, students and parents from Millfield School in Street sew scrubs for local nurses

  Posted: 18.04.20 at 14:04 by Tim Lethaby

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Staff, students, Old Millfieldians and parents from Millfield School and the South West School of Dance in Street have sewed more than 50 sets of personal protective equipment scrubs and protective bags for local key workers battling the coronavirus outbreak on the frontline.

The initiative is part of the For the Love of Scrubs national campaign on Facebook, and has provided vital PPE for NHS workers, care staff and council workers across the UK.

The scrubs are made from donated polycotton fabric from various sources including duvets, which are then washed at high temperatures and tumble-dried, before being sewn together using patterns.

Emma Mallett, a local Somerset NHS Practice Nurse who had received some of the donated scrubs, said: “We cannot thank the volunteers enough for this amazing act of kindness.

"To see so many people, including the Millfield community, come together for such a vital cause is overwhelming.”

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