Lloyd Hughes made a Freeman of Street

  Posted: 16.05.19 at 13:30 by Street Parish Council

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Street Parish Council recently agreed to confer the title of Honorary Freeman to Cllr Lloyd Hughes for his valued and dedicated service to the community as a parish councillor for a total of 21 years and as a district councillor for 12 years.

He served as chairman of Street Parish Council in 1997/98 and in 2011/12.

Initially Cllr Hughes was involved in the setting up of Street Skate Park which has been extremely popular with local young people since it opened in December 2009.

He has also been involved in the transfer of Merriman Park to Street Parish Council, the substantial refurbishment and the annual Fun Day event.

He has been instrumental in the parish council's achievements over the years, with the acquisition of the Parish Rooms as well as having an involvement in a wide variety of issues such as numerous parking concerns and the introduction of the resident parking scheme at Grange Road.

Landlords in Street should ensure that they are aware of the full implications of the Tenant Fees Act 2019 which came into force on Saturday 1st June,...